Common Service fo Glass Blowing

Our skills

  • Delivery of needs assessments and providing all the technical support to the achievement of glass projects.
  • Technical support to experimentation projects in chemistry, physics, biology and pharmacyTraining courses:
  • Training courses:
    • Internship: discovery of the profession of glassblower.
    • Internship: final-year students in glass blowing training
    • Internship: professional "Apprehending hot glass and making vacuum seals".

Our services

Frédérique Berger is at your disposal to carry out all scientific glassblowing projects:

  • New made to measure, adaptation, repair and refurbishment.
  • Punctual intervention in laboratories with a portable torch.
  • Machining and drilling of PTFE material (small section).

The department recovers unused glassware from laboratories (if it is not soiled by mercury or other toxic products). A room is dedicated to this purpose. Do not hesitate to come and collect your parts.

! The workshop is not equipped to work on workpieces with a diameter greater than 100 mm.
! The workshop does not have (and does not work with): quartz, calibrated tubes or flat glass. However, you can supply quartz tubes, knowing that the diameter worked will be 10 mm max. For the calibrated tube, please send a request to Mrs Berger.

Pour déposer vos demandes de travaux, une permanence est assurée de 14h30 à 16h30 tous les jours. En dehors de ces horaires il est nécessaire de prendre un rendez-vous afin de ne pas interrompre un travail de soufflage en cours.


Examples of parts manufactured in the workshop:


Various custom achievements 

Montage sur support mural avec électrovannes

Possible reproduction à façon des "contenants" pour tête électrochimie
Cellule style boite de Petri avec couvercle à façon
Cellule électrolytique à façon
Bulles fragiles
Un Dewar mu métal, sera recuit sous atmosphère contrôlée, pour éviter l'oxydation des parties métalliques
Double cellule thermostatée filtrante à façon
Proposition cellule à façon
Micro cellule pour cavité spectro 10 mm

Parts being used in the purchasing laboratories

Cellule électrochimie - Labo BIP

Cellule MOMA Boro-quartz - Réalisation dans le cadre d'un défi CNRS IMAG'IN 2017

Cellule Thermostatée - MADIREL

Crosse aortique - IFSTTAR

Montage de distillation, spéciale fête des sciences, IUT : fait de réfrigérants hors normes.

Boule distillation - Université de Nice 

Our resources

The glass lathe is used to make larger diameter parts, maximum diameter worked = 100mm / maximum length = 600mm.

The annealing furnace (200L), the size of the manufactured parts will not exceed the length of 650 mm x 500 mm.

The raw material, the basis of all the parts created in the workshop.

The diamond wheel, allows to saw the tubes, to shape a broken collar etc...

The handy polariscope helps to determine if the glassware has been annealed, if it has localized heating voltages and helps to prevent accidents.

The mechanical lathe for small metalworking, PTFE...

Our Team

Frédérique BERGER
Tel: 04 13 94 57 49
Ghislaine DURAND
Administrative & Financial Manager
Tel: 04 13 94 57 48


Address And Access

Service D21, Campus Scientifique de Saint Jérôme
13397 Marseille cedex 20

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